Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two Part String

Buffum collection, inventory numbers 6 & 8

String of 274 buttons comprised of two separate charm strings from Ohio. Large string purchased in August of 2004; smaller string purchased in November of 2004 from Blaine, Ohio.  Buttons of interest on string– Touch button is large brass with celluloid disk at center, early rifleman brass disk button with powder horn and 16 stars (Imperial Standard), GAR coat (no backmark), pressed horn Liberty head with beaded border, spiral shell button, medium cobalt blue glass disk with silver paint, Porridge Time small brass picture, small Pierrot & Pierrett, brass with red glass disk center with acid-etched bird pictorial, natural horn with molded design, black glass, steel, brass, vegetable ivory, composition with bow pictorial, Buckeye Brand overall, Cherub & pillar pictorial, ruby glass, steel-rimmed brass eagle cuff (Goodwins PAT 27 71), black glass with silver luster Jumbo elephant, chinas, brass with etched well design, whistle buttons, oval black glass whistle with goldstone, rubber with N.R. Co. Goodyear’s P=T 1851 backmark,  birds under bush brass pictorial, oval ruby glass, brass Trumpeter of Krakow, Oriental theme pictorials, service cuff button, bird on branch with lined background cuff, steel, plain brass button (Rich Gold Color)- string ends with large faceted cobalt blue glass bead.

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