Monday, January 27, 2014

From Canada

Buffum Collection, inventory number 32

String of approximately 243 buttons.  String was purchased from Thomas, Ontario, Canada on January 24, 2007.  This string previously belonged to a member of The Trillium Button Club of Ontario Canada who had purchased it at an estate sale in 1991.  Have original string in plastic bag (had to restring to remove corroded buttons).  Touch button is a large heavy brass Navy anchor button with indecipherable backmark (Albert’s, pg.88-89, NA11C or NA12.  String is comprised of the following buttons and types of buttons– black glass in conventional geometric and pictorial designs, metal with glass insets, white metal, pewter, clambroth glass, steel, military eagle with shield (Albert’s, pg. 40-41 GI98 1875-1902) Scovill Mfg. Co, Waterbury bm),  molded clear glass, brass with head, vegetable ivory, medium drum, black glass with goldstone, carved bone, tortoise shell glass oblong, waistcoats, Cheshire jewel, china cones, charmstring glass (swirlbacks), design under glass, 3 birdcage shank chinas all different, MOP, composition, hard rubber (most with later bm w/o date, one with 1851 date), small brass pictorial hound head in hunting horn, ruby glass, small architectural brass pictorial, brass bell, stamped brass, pressed horn, small brass pictorial hut with palm trees, original red tint lovebirds brass pictorial, composition with gold flecks, brass cage, carved shell, perfume stork, white metal man in moon with stars, small original tint bird on wall, deep carved black glass pictorial– leaves, black glass pictorial deer in forest with traces of original brown and gold paint, black velvet pad back, large brass pad back with black glass inset.

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