Sunday, January 26, 2014

Strung on Red Flecked Cord

Buffum collection, inventory #31

String of approximately 705 buttons.  String was purchased from St. Petersburg, FL on October 1, 2006.  This string is from the same Florida estate as string CS27, a woman who died in 2004 whose executor she called “Snip”. Have original plastic bag with note in which string was stored.  The string appears to be on an original cord which is white cotton with flecks of red cotton woven into it.  String is tagged with a red circle with inventory # on it.  Touch button is a smooth large rimmed brass button.  Stunning string composed of many different types of antique buttons.  One large domed dark vegetable ivory button has fallen off since obtaining– loop shank still on string someplace, button is loose. This string is comprised of the following type buttons: White metal with knobby white metal camel, large beautiful watch case with swirl vine design over linear background, Jacksonian pictorial with rose at center surrounded by six leaves in the shape of a star, pewter domed button, Golden Age with grapes and leaves (bm Benedict & Burnham), small gilt and Golden Age buttons, diminutive colored glass balls (green, rose), chinas, waistcoats, jeweled waistcoats, Cheshire jewels, black glass, black mourning glass, small black glass pictorial of a rose, black glass with silver luster, brass botanicals, brass buttons convention and art nouveau designs, large tin or steel button with wood background and brass geometric interior border and steel star pin shank, several large Victorian metal with celluloid perforates, cut steels, stamped steel, tinted pewter, small enamels, large brass cut out of woman’s head, pinshank MOP, carved MOP, steel cups, perforated rim root beer or tortoise shell glass, small chased gilts, large brass basket-weave button, tinted metal with steels, delicate steel filigrees, flat steel pictorial, French franc coin button (in brass rim), GAR button (bm Boston, small drums, brass or metal with shell inserts, pierced brass and metals,  large fancy brass pinwheel over MOP,  2 black glass buttons with brown paint or color on top and colorized William Tell shrine depictions, clam broth, clear glass, small brass ornate border Cupid at the Forge, and Cupid at the Fountain, large steel border with steel “mirror” center with brass floral spray, small Queen Victoria in little hut button with palm frond, large black crochet covered button with star center, brass veil button (most fabric worn away), square brass cricket cage, small chunky square brass button, tinted diaper pattern brass button, tinted pearl button with beaded top, two large vegetable ivory domed buttons with loop shanks, Astarea set in red tinted metal, several other matching sets.

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