Thursday, June 11, 2015

St. Bernard Lithograph

Buffum Collection, Inventory Number 87

A string of approximately 315 antique and vintage buttons tied in a loop purchased May 15, 2015 Wichita, KS. The buttons are mostly small to diminutive in size but there are some medium and a couple large size buttons on the string as well. The touch button is a brass woman’s head followed by a green and cream celluloid set in brass, a Deknatel black glass castle button, a clambroth glass set in brass button, then white glass, black glass,  vegetable ivory ball, brass with black glass center, composition ball with silver inlay design, brass with celluloid insets, 2-3 different caramel Victorian glass buttons, small brass buttons with painted designs and cut steels, paperweights, carved MOP, original blue tint on brass, milk glass Jenny Lind waistcoat, faceted luster ball, precision inlay star-shaped mirror set in black glass, fabric set in brass, imitation fabric black glass spindle, Poppers in all shapes and colors, foil in glass, pink glass oval with white cameo head, waistcoats, charmstring glass, yellow and blue glass, dimi brass with paste, abalone, metal with black stripes, black glass with gold design, metal with abalone, multicolored molded glass, 7-8 small enamels, brass with four pastes inset, clear glass, lavender glass, MOP set in brass, painted brass, medium woven fabric in a stamped brass border, turquoise Victorian glass, reverse painted, brass ball, small brass picture button of chariot with self shank, Czech/Bohemian glass, metal with glass inset diamond shaped, spindle possibly Venetian glass?, Radiant, dewdrop, small paperweight with rose, prong set pastes in metal– 7 stones, glass cat eye with thin wire shank, tiny teddy bear eye with thin wire shank, dimi brass shaped, matte black glass, various tiny glass beads and metal charms including an anchor, yellow slag glass, molded glass in brass drum, 1904 metal teddy bear button with blue background, black glass with silver luster crescent moon, black cone with tip glass tip, enamel with roses with red pastes border, steel ball, white Victorian glass, glass set in brass,, black glass with enamel, white metal knot, brass with MOP inset, blue enamel spindle, brass with gold stone disk, black glass with blue luster, ruby glass with design, Aristocrat, milk glass dome, enameled hexagn with turquoise bead border, kaleidoscope with black and white design, brass coin button, small metals, small brass wth glass, large painted brass, lithograph of St Bernard dog head in gold drum.


  1. Thank you for sharing your finds with great photographs and information, and for keeping these charmstrings intact for the artistry of the buttons and the historical significance of each string, representing the heart and time of a young girl or woman and her circle of family and friends.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments, you made our day. We love these beautiful strings and would never take them apart and disperse their history. We need to go back and get more close up pictures of the strings that have been with us longer to really bring them alive.