Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Duo of Colonial Pearls

Buffum collection, inventory #83

String of approximately 258 antique and vintage buttons purchased April 10, 2015 from Westfield, MA. The buttons are on a thin beige-colored cotton thread.  The touch button is XL Victorian botanical pictorial. Buttons on this string include– brass Egyptian head pictorials in large and medium sizes, large riveted black glass with shiny geometrical pattern top, 2 different colonial pearls with pin shanks, large lacy glass set in metal,  two very delicate large openwork riveted black glass buttons, white glass disk, with brass bee escutcheon, large riveted steel, MOP set in japanned metal painted brass shaped button, vegetable ivory, brass with faceted steels, charmstring glass, waistcoats, composition, brass with original purple tint, oval black glass belt buckle, med black glass w/swirls on top, steel disks with brass escutcheons, brass with mirror back, bone underwear, plain fronted brass Navy  with reverse having left facing eagle with anchor in shield under left wing (Albert’s 75B, pg. 96), shaped black glass w/gold outlining, shoe button, blue mirrored disks (2 sizes), radiant, salted top over white glass base, natural horn w/MOP inlay, small black glass conventionals, 2 black glass gecko pictorials, ivory with etching and MOP inlay-unusual shape, cobalt glass with gold spindle shaped, hard rubber no backmark, MOP, openwork steel with turquoise stone, kaleidoscope, white glass, oval black glass with anchor, intaglio head, glass ball with pin shank, small brass with MOP background and hot air balloon, clear glass with foil and blue glass, red swirl back jellybean, horn heads, pinshanked bone, large horn bird, fish scale, large drum with MOP under glass back marked Parfait Paris, tole-painted, abalone set in brass with pictorial & word back mark being a jockey’s cap with a riding whip under it and the word Electro, brass pictorial sword and rose with animal head, very old large horn horn button with hare’s head embossed on it, brass with turquoise enamel dots, brass with odd stamped design with Treble London back mark with 4-petaled flowers between the words, clambroth glass with a swallow, white metal, Golden Age flower (fushia?) back marked Extra Super Fine, painted brass, black with silver luster, brass with high relief aqua glass head, veil button, tiny blue enamel on brass, purple glass head, black glass acorn shape, large black glass sleeper (dull brown painted target design), large carved MOP sew thru with metal inset, brass with amethyst stone jewel button

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