Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Large Celluloid Leaf

Buffum collection, inventory #72

String of 117 buttons purchased January 5, 2014 from Heuvelton, NY. The buttons are strung on what appears to be a length of picture  wire. Touch button is a somewhat dented watchcase hunt button depicting two running dogs with bm of Wadham & Co SUPER FINE, black glass assorted styles, early General Service military brass button bm EXTRA QUALITY, NEWER General Service army button bm AM Button CO NEWARK, NJ, beaded ball button, japanned metal with cut steel embellishment, red Victorian glass, brass minute man, black glass with white & goldstone, composition with shell inlay, brass conventionals, MOP, twinkle, celluloid set in metal, glass set in metal, pierced brass, pressed horn, large glass set in metal,  ruby glass, small brass celluloid inset with red glass, later military general service bm SCOVILL MFG WATERBURY, stamped metal wheat and scythe, china sew thru, celluloid & metal, hard rubber, tombac, small picture buttons, Bohemian glass, small original tint hand holding sword, bright pewter, small pressed horn flowers, large dimensional celluloid leaf, radiant glass, clambroth, horn head, harp button bm SHANNON & MILLER< NEW YORK, MOP watch gear w/steel

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