Thursday, March 6, 2014

Found at Putts

Buffum collection, inventory #60

Gift from a dear button friend, August 18, 2013. She won this in a Putts Auction July 13,2013. This was on a broken string that was very fragile. Restrung approximately 175 buttons.. Touch button XL black glass, military, horn with white metal escutcheon, black glass assorted styles,, Golden Age, vegetable ivory, white glass, chinas, oblong faceted black glass, gilt, metal with fabric, waistcoats, exceptional molded black and white glass picture set in brass waistcoat, painted (roses) waistcoat, dimi black glass cone with white tip, green glass waistcoat with goldstone and star, crackle glass set in metal, clambroth with black paint, clambroth with green coronet, white glass cone with green tip, cut steel w/pearl center, kaleidescopes, 2 small glory buttons, veil button, strange tiny clear glass icicle button, colored glass charmstring buttons, steel, brass with pressed horn insert, b;ack g;ass with white glass head, blue glass Jenny Lind waistcoat, luster china with blue rim, Jacksonian cousin flowers in vase, Jacksonian rose

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