Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Botanicals

Buffum collection, inventory #49

Purchased on ebay from Southwold, Ontario, Canada on November 9, 2008. Previous owner purchased it at a collector’s estate sale. There are approximately 248 buttons on the string. Touch button is large white metal peach on a branch button with japanned back.  Other buttons include vegetable ivory-sanded, ball, stenciled, carved and dyed or natural, composition buttons, ball shaped, owl on a crescent moon picture button, intaglio helmeted heads, brass conventionals, botanicals, heads, birds some with original tints, black glass, some picture, carnival luster, gold luster, charmstring clear glass, reflector set in brass, chinas, brass ball, pressed horn with conventional designs and heads, steel ball, gilt, vegetable ivory with pinshank, carved and dyed shell with steel escutcheons, MOP.End button is a 5-hole large bone button.

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